web design

Friends of the Pound are a not-for-profit organisation in the Tweed, who rescue and re-home abandoned pets. They needed to strengthen their branding and have a user-friendly online database to upload the various dogs and cats who are rescued weekly. I contacted them 6 years ago to offer a complete re-brand pro bono, including all of their visual marketing, of which I am proud to still be involved today.


FOP needed to put the fun back into their brand – it is too common for these types of organisations to get caught up in the plight of the animals and focus on the negative. Adopting a pet is exciting, and having these animals re-homed is one of the main aims of FOP. Changing their branding from bright yellow and black, to a softer and positive green, introducing positive slideshow images, and creating lots of informative pages to educate, has resulted in a large spike in web visits and pet adoption since the website’s launch.

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